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Not signalling at a roundabout

Imagine this scenario.  You are approaching a roundabout, at a sensible speed, and you see another vehicle approach to your right. This vehicle isn’t indicating, so you come to a halt to give way to them, per the Highway Code. Then, as they reach the roundabout, they turn left. You’ve stopped, for no reason — well, no reason other than that the other driver couldn’t be bothered to move their left hand ever so slightly to knock their indicator stalk. Now, I know this isn’t Continue reading →

“No Road Markings” Signs

What is the point?  Just in case anyone reading this doesn’t drive, I will just tell you; when one does, one must continually look at the road.  There are also minimum requirements for ones eyesight.  Nevertheless, if you can read the “No Road Markings” sign, surely you can see the road, and so see that there are no road markings, right?  Why do you need a sign to tell you this fact? I mean, if we need a sign to tell us when there are no road markings, do Continue reading →