BT Employ Spies to Monitor Twitter!

Yes, you read that right. It would appear that BT look around Twitter looking for people complaining about them.

Last Friday and Saturday, our BT Total Broadband connection dropped out around three times. I noticed the first time, that the router, a BT Home Hub, could not see the equipment in the exchange. This usually means that a physical connection has been lost between the router and the equipment a mile away in our local exchange, Coltishall ATE. I suspect we had a card fault, which would explain the connection dropping two more times late at night – the time BT authorise their engineers to conduct ‘service interrupting work’.

To my surprise however, I found an @reply from @BTCare asking if they could help! Knowing that, in my experience, BT’s support guys in India have been as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike, I assumed the fault would be detected and rectified anyway. Our conversation follows:-

My BT Total Broadband’s been great for months if not years now …but it’s just stopped out 3 times within the last two nights =[

BTCare @DavidJClaxton Oh no! Can I help you with this?

@BTCare Probably not. You’ll tell me to reboot the HH and the obvious stuff when I have a degree in Computing Science.

BTCare @DavidJClaxton we have to eliminate obvious faults, what have you tried so far?

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