Coalition for Marriage – Nothing but hypocrisy

Recently, Alex Baker, presenter at GaydarRadio contacted the Coalition for Marriage, to put a question to them, raising a key point of hypocrisy in what they stand for.

The Coalition for Marriage website is strewn with comments about not changing the definition of marriage to allow gay men and women to become ‘married’.  Yet, for centuries, the definition of marriage has been changed.  The law was changed, for example, to allow heterosexual couples to divorce and remarry.

GaydarRadio’s Alex Baker phoned the Coalition for Marriage helpline, posing as a heterosexual divorced man, against allowing gay couples to marry.  He asked, as the law had changed to allow him to divorce and remarry, was he able to sign the petition — doing so would be hypocritical.  He was told, however, that it was okay that the law had changed to suit him as a heterosexual, nobody would have an issue with that, but that it wasn’t okay for the law to change to suit homosexual couples.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but not only is that attitude prehistoric, is it not also extremely hypocritical?  On the one hand, to say they do not want the definition of marriage to be changed, yet on the other, stating that it is okay for the definition to be changed when it suits them?

Read the article, and hear the telephone converstation on the GaydarRadio website

We are not asking for anything special — no special treatment.  We simply ask to be treated equally.  Laws have been changed in the past to correct historical ways of thinking; the law was changed in 1918 to allow women to vote, for example.   So why should the law not be changed now, to allow gay and lesbian couples, the same rights to marriage?

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