On the Anniversary of the World Trade Center Attacks

Eight years on, and my thoughts are still with those who lost their lives, or the lives of those nearest to them. So many innocent lives were lost in a way that caused significant disruption to the entire world.

This clearly is one of those ‘I remember where I was when…’ moments. I remember very clearly how I found out. I still feel bad about my reaction.

In September 2001, I had just started my final year at high school. I walked into the classroom, and there, in the corner of the room, was an old TV suspended on the wall. On it, the scenes of the World Trade Center were unfolding. This was the first I saw of the events that shock the world.

“What’s this crap?”, was my reaction …or something like that at least. You see, and I guess it’s understandable, not knowing what it was, I thought it was some film. I’m not really into films, hence my comment. What made the situation worse, is that my teacher, who was standing, staring at the screen, had a very personal connection to this very area of New York. His daughter was working in a building, directly opposite the WTC.

Moments after, our teacher ran out of the classroom, and some students who had arrived earlier, explained to me what had happened. I felt terrible, and still feel quite bad about it today – ‘though I didn’t intend to hurt anyone, clearly.

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