Save Snapchats to Camera Roll After ‘Memories’ Update

If, like me, you regularly saved your Snapchat photos to your Camera Roll for Instagram or Facebook, for example, you may find since enabling their new ‘Memories’ feature, you’re struggling to extract your perfected Snap. But fear not, you can have your cake and eat it, if you delve into Snapchat’s settings. Swipe down from the home screen to reveal the menu. Tap the cog icon in the top-right corner to access the settings menu Tap ‘Memories’ to reveal the Memories settings Select ‘Memories & Continue reading →

Linux: Sort files and directories by created date

I have a directory on my server where I’ve been throwing in files for years. It’s a complete mess and painfully slow to look though given the number of files in there. So my rough-and-ready solution to the problem was to move each of the files and folders into a directory based on when they were added. I’ve deliberately kept it simple and not recursed into each sub-directory, since most of the files are downloads, and I’m only really interested in roughly when they were Continue reading →

Expanding Arch Linux ARM image to fill SD Card for Raspberry Pi

Standard images for use with the Raspberry Pi come in a 2GB size.  That’s big enough to get a basic system up and running, without being too big so that (a) users can’t use smaller cards and (b) it doesn’t take an age waiting for the image to be written to the SD card. I’ve been having quite a few problems getting the latest Arch Linux ARM image (currently ArchLinuxARM-2014.06-rpi.img) to expand to fill the entire SD card.  In my case, a 32GB class 10 Continue reading →

Is eBay’s Password Reset Message a Smokescreen Covering the Bigger Issue?

What is the biggest concern about the recent eBay data hack?  The fact that hackers have obtained hashes of users’ passwords? Or that they have obtained more than enough information about you to commit identity fraud? eBay is currently forcing all users to change their password before continuing to use the site. Whilst I’m not pretending that it’s not a good idea for most users to change their password, in my opinion, it’s acting as a smoke screen for bigger deal here. So exactly is a hashed or encrypted Continue reading →

O2’s TU Go released ‘TU’ early?

Recently, the UK mobile operator O2 released a new mobile and desktop app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows PCs. The idea behind the “TU Go” app is simple — using your data connection (WiFi/broadband or 3G [and probably Edge]) to make and receive calls and texts, from your O2 number, billed to your O2 account (or inclusive allowance where applicable). Why would you want such a thing?  Well with mobile phone reception in the UK still many years behind Continue reading →

A Cascade of Problems with BT Broadband

You may remember my blog post of 2 May 2012, “Does your download speed drop when uploading?” in which I describe a common artefact of ADSL which involves a drop in downstream speed whilst uploading.  The effect on my line was so pronounced (a 7.5Mbps throughput dropped to less than 0.2Mbps), I reported it to @BTCare on twitter. They confirmed a drop as significant as mine was not normal behaviour. Having explained that I have a degree in Computing Science from the top-ranking University of East Continue reading →

Does your download speed drop when uploading?

Have you noticed that, whilst uploading data, such as photos to Facebook, videos to YouTube, sending an email or seeding a torrent, the download speed of your ADSL (broadband) connection appears to drastically slump? I live in fairly rural countryside in the national park of Broadland, Norfolk (UK). The UK isn’t well known for fast broadband speeds at the best of time, especially in rural areas. Having said that, my router connects to the telephone exchange at 8128kbps — very nearly the full 8Mbps advertised Continue reading →

BT Employ Spies to Monitor Twitter!

Yes, you read that right. It would appear that BT look around Twitter looking for people complaining about them. Last Friday and Saturday, our BT Total Broadband connection dropped out around three times. I noticed the first time, that the router, a BT Home Hub, could not see the equipment in the exchange. This usually means that a physical connection has been lost between the router and the equipment a mile away in our local exchange, Coltishall ATE. I suspect we had a card fault, Continue reading →