Save Snapchats to Camera Roll After ‘Memories’ Update

If, like me, you regularly saved your Snapchat photos to your Camera Roll for Instagram or Facebook, for example, you may find since enabling their new ‘Memories’ feature, you’re struggling to extract your perfected Snap. But fear not, you can have your cake and eat it, if you delve into Snapchat’s settings. Swipe down from the home screen to reveal the menu. Tap the cog icon in the top-right corner to access the settings menu Tap ‘Memories’ to reveal the Memories settings Select ‘Memories & Continue reading →

Happy Birthday Facebook

Two weeks ago, Facebook celebrated its birthday by declaring it Friends Day. The idea behind it was to celebrate the connections we have with our friends, by making videos for each user. I have to say, I was moved by mine. My friends are an awesome bunch who are always there for me, and a great laugh. Trust me ‐ the last six or so, very rocky months, would have been impossible without those friends. So thanks guys!

A Cascade of Problems with BT Broadband

You may remember my blog post of 2 May 2012, “Does your download speed drop when uploading?” in which I describe a common artefact of ADSL which involves a drop in downstream speed whilst uploading.  The effect on my line was so pronounced (a 7.5Mbps throughput dropped to less than 0.2Mbps), I reported it to @BTCare on twitter. They confirmed a drop as significant as mine was not normal behaviour. Having explained that I have a degree in Computing Science from the top-ranking University of East Continue reading →

Don’t Say Gay

I just stumbled upon a YouTube video titled “Don’t Say Gay” which consists of a guy having an accident while skateboarding, and blaming his equipment by calling them ‘gay’.  He’s then approached by a younger guy who puts him right.  It’s cute and very funny, but makes a serious point. I guess it’s something most people have said at some point: “Oh that’s so gay”.  But do we really think about what we are saying?  Is it right to associate ‘gay’ with ‘bad’? Surely that Continue reading →

BT Employ Spies to Monitor Twitter!

Yes, you read that right. It would appear that BT look around Twitter looking for people complaining about them. Last Friday and Saturday, our BT Total Broadband connection dropped out around three times. I noticed the first time, that the router, a BT Home Hub, could not see the equipment in the exchange. This usually means that a physical connection has been lost between the router and the equipment a mile away in our local exchange, Coltishall ATE. I suspect we had a card fault, Continue reading →