Coalition for Marriage – Nothing but hypocrisy

Recently, Alex Baker, presenter at GaydarRadio contacted the Coalition for Marriage, to put a question to them, raising a key point of hypocrisy in what they stand for. The Coalition for Marriage website is strewn with comments about not changing the definition of marriage to allow gay men and women to become ‘married’.  Yet, for centuries, the definition of marriage has been changed.  The law was changed, for example, to allow heterosexual couples to divorce and remarry. GaydarRadio’s Alex Baker phoned the Coalition for Marriage helpline, posing as Continue reading →

Don’t Say Gay

I just stumbled upon a YouTube video titled “Don’t Say Gay” which consists of a guy having an accident while skateboarding, and blaming his equipment by calling them ‘gay’.  He’s then approached by a younger guy who puts him right.  It’s cute and very funny, but makes a serious point. I guess it’s something most people have said at some point: “Oh that’s so gay”.  But do we really think about what we are saying?  Is it right to associate ‘gay’ with ‘bad’? Surely that Continue reading →

Sexuality: It’s not black and white

I am often asked questions like, “When did you decide to be gay?” and it drives me up the wall that people can think that such a thing can be decided. I usually respond with something like, “When did you decide to be straight? When did you decide to be a boy?”. I haven’t ‘decided’ or ‘chosen’ to be gay as much as you decided to be born a boy or girl. Sometimes people tell me, “I used to think I might be gay because…” Continue reading →