Vegetarian Parmesan? That’s impossible.

This is something I get asked about more than you would think. People are baffled confused as to whether cheese is vegetarian, and the simple answer is, well, sometimes. Very simply, cheese is made by the separation of milk into curds and whey. The curds (the lumpy bits) are separated from the whey (the watery bit) and squashed together to form cheese. Traditionally, animal rennet is used for this process. Animal rennet is the name given to a collection of enzymes which exist in the Continue reading →

Virtually Instant Pizza Base

It’s very difficult to beat homemade pizza, but let’s face it – we don’t always have the time (or energy) to make a traditional pizza base from scratch. This rapid recipe uses store-cupboard ingredients every home is likely to have. Ingredients 200g Plain Flour 1 tsp Salt 2 tbsp Olive Oil Approx. 150ml Water 2 tbsp Coarse Polenta (optional) Method Place the plain flour, salt and olive oil in a bowl. Rub the oil into the flour, in a similar way to making pastry.  I find you don’t Continue reading →

People Who Put Upside-Down Bottles the Right Way Up

Those clever people at Heinz came up with a beautifully simple idea to boost sales of its ketchup — turning their bottle upside-down! It’s wonderful!  You no longer have to wait for the ketchup to come dribbling down the sides of the bottle — you just point and squirt, and get exactly as much as you want, where you want it.  Neat and tidy.  Incidentally, they found their sales rose considerably with after introducing their bottles and even found that customers used more! My problem however, lies with Continue reading →