Is Argos deceiving customers into receiving spam?

Last weekend I reserved a Christmas tree to collect from our local Argos. A process I’ve used before and, to be fair to them, it’s a fantastic service — being able to reserve an item for immediate collection. However, with the number of unwanted emails, texts and calls from companies ever-increasing, I’m always careful to opt out of receiving these. But where had the option gone? [email protected]_Online have a "display: none;" on their marketing opt-out options! Bit cheeky! — David James Claxton (@DavidJClaxton) November Continue reading →

Is eBay’s Password Reset Message a Smokescreen Covering the Bigger Issue?

What is the biggest concern about the recent eBay data hack?  The fact that hackers have obtained hashes of users’ passwords? Or that they have obtained more than enough information about you to commit identity fraud? eBay is currently forcing all users to change their password before continuing to use the site. Whilst I’m not pretending that it’s not a good idea for most users to change their password, in my opinion, it’s acting as a smoke screen for bigger deal here. So exactly is a hashed or encrypted Continue reading →