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BT Employ Spies to Monitor Twitter!

Yes, you read that right. It would appear that BT look around Twitter looking for people complaining about them. Last Friday and Saturday, our BT Total Broadband connection dropped out around three times. I noticed the first time, that the router, a BT Home Hub, could not see the equipment in the exchange. This usually means that a physical connection has been lost between the router and the equipment a mile away in our local exchange, Coltishall ATE. I suspect we had a card fault, Continue reading →

On the Anniversary of the World Trade Center Attacks

Eight years on, and my thoughts are still with those who lost their lives, or the lives of those nearest to them. So many innocent lives were lost in a way that caused significant disruption to the entire world. This clearly is one of those ‘I remember where I was when…’ moments. I remember very clearly how I found out. I still feel bad about my reaction. In September 2001, I had just started my final year at high school. I walked into the classroom, Continue reading →

People Who Put Upside-Down Bottles the Right Way Up

Those clever people at Heinz came up with a beautifully simple idea to boost sales of its ketchup — turning their bottle upside-down! It’s wonderful!  You no longer have to wait for the ketchup to come dribbling down the sides of the bottle — you just point and squirt, and get exactly as much as you want, where you want it.  Neat and tidy.  Incidentally, they found their sales rose considerably with after introducing their bottles and even found that customers used more! My problem however, lies with Continue reading →

Genetically Modifed Foods

This article was inspired by the article, “Scientists reopen debate over GM food” by Jonathan Jeake, Science Editor, The Sunday Times, July 16 2008. Genetically modified foods first hit the shelves in America in 1994 – a tomato genetically modified to be more resilient to rotting. In America, as in Asia and Australia, GM foods have been widely accepted ever since, with around 280bn acres of GM crops being grown in 2007. So are GM foods a good thing? The Benefits of Genetic Modification There Continue reading →