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In fond memory of a wonderful grandfather

My grandfather passed away Thursday evening (27th February 2014), aged 84, at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. He was admitted with an inflamed pancreas which was fairly quickly resolved, but he unfortunately went on to contract an infection of MRSA in his legs, another infection in his lungs as well as problems with his kidneys.  Granddad was also showing the early signs of dementia, which seemed to worsen during his time in hospital. I visited him yesterday to say my final goodbyes, and I’m Continue reading →

Virtually Instant Pizza Base

It’s very difficult to beat homemade pizza, but let’s face it – we don’t always have the time (or energy) to make a traditional pizza base from scratch. This rapid recipe uses store-cupboard ingredients every home is likely to have. Ingredients 200g Plain Flour 1 tsp Salt 2 tbsp Olive Oil Approx. 150ml Water 2 tbsp Coarse Polenta (optional) Method Place the plain flour, salt and olive oil in a bowl. Rub the oil into the flour, in a similar way to making pastry.  I find you don’t Continue reading →

O2’s TU Go released ‘TU’ early?

Recently, the UK mobile operator O2 released a new mobile and desktop app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows PCs. The idea behind the “TU Go” app is simple — using your data connection (WiFi/broadband or 3G [and probably Edge]) to make and receive calls and texts, from your O2 number, billed to your O2 account (or inclusive allowance where applicable). Why would you want such a thing?  Well with mobile phone reception in the UK still many years behind Continue reading →

A Cascade of Problems with BT Broadband

You may remember my blog post of 2 May 2012, “Does your download speed drop when uploading?” in which I describe a common artefact of ADSL which involves a drop in downstream speed whilst uploading.  The effect on my line was so pronounced (a 7.5Mbps throughput dropped to less than 0.2Mbps), I reported it to @BTCare on twitter. They confirmed a drop as significant as mine was not normal behaviour. Having explained that I have a degree in Computing Science from the top-ranking University of East Continue reading →

Does your download speed drop when uploading?

Have you noticed that, whilst uploading data, such as photos to Facebook, videos to YouTube, sending an email or seeding a torrent, the download speed of your ADSL (broadband) connection appears to drastically slump? I live in fairly rural countryside in the national park of Broadland, Norfolk (UK). The UK isn’t well known for fast broadband speeds at the best of time, especially in rural areas. Having said that, my router connects to the telephone exchange at 8128kbps — very nearly the full 8Mbps advertised Continue reading →

Coalition for Marriage – Nothing but hypocrisy

Recently, Alex Baker, presenter at GaydarRadio contacted the Coalition for Marriage, to put a question to them, raising a key point of hypocrisy in what they stand for. The Coalition for Marriage website is strewn with comments about not changing the definition of marriage to allow gay men and women to become ‘married’.  Yet, for centuries, the definition of marriage has been changed.  The law was changed, for example, to allow heterosexual couples to divorce and remarry. GaydarRadio’s Alex Baker phoned the Coalition for Marriage helpline, posing as Continue reading →

“No Road Markings” Signs

What is the point?  Just in case anyone reading this doesn’t drive, I will just tell you; when one does, one must continually look at the road.  There are also minimum requirements for ones eyesight.  Nevertheless, if you can read the “No Road Markings” sign, surely you can see the road, and so see that there are no road markings, right?  Why do you need a sign to tell you this fact? I mean, if we need a sign to tell us when there are no road markings, do Continue reading →

Don’t Say Gay

I just stumbled upon a YouTube video titled “Don’t Say Gay” which consists of a guy having an accident while skateboarding, and blaming his equipment by calling them ‘gay’.  He’s then approached by a younger guy who puts him right.  It’s cute and very funny, but makes a serious point. I guess it’s something most people have said at some point: “Oh that’s so gay”.  But do we really think about what we are saying?  Is it right to associate ‘gay’ with ‘bad’? Surely that Continue reading →

Sexuality: It’s not black and white

I am often asked questions like, “When did you decide to be gay?” and it drives me up the wall that people can think that such a thing can be decided. I usually respond with something like, “When did you decide to be straight? When did you decide to be a boy?”. I haven’t ‘decided’ or ‘chosen’ to be gay as much as you decided to be born a boy or girl. Sometimes people tell me, “I used to think I might be gay because…” Continue reading →