About Me

You’ve possibly been referred to my web site from my profile on various social networking sites. If so, you’re more than likely wondering who is David Claxton? Or maybe you’ve known me for a while, are are digging to find something new?

Like most people my age, I have various profiles all over the Internet – which can be a nightmare to continually update, and are often very restrictive on what you’re allowed to write. So here, is the number one place to find out everything you might want to know about me – and it will always be the most up-to-date.

Hobbies and Passions


This section was written many years ago and has since been replaced with this article.

In September 1997, I made a life-long decision to become vegetarian.

I agree that the human is a meat-eating animal. There is no doubt of that. But one [of many] thing[s] that concern me regarding the production of meat, is animal welfare.

Humans are designed to eat meat. That’s nature – I can hear you all saying it. But is it natural to coup up animals? Without a chance of escape? Nature is about survival of the fittest. The weaker animals are eaten by their predators, and so evolution occurs. With meat production, this isn’t the case. No animal has a chance; their life is all mapped out for them.

Furthermore, when animals are produced for meat, their owners have only one thing on their mind. Profit. This naturally goes against the welfare of the animal. Why bother paying for something that, may improve the life for the animal, when there is no increase in profit?

To me, a live is a live; and I can see it no other way. Over half of UK households, around 52.3%[1] have at least one pet. Of these, approximately 6,100,000 were a cat or a dog.

In Britain, it is seen totally and completely unacceptable to even think about eating cat or dog. So why is it any different for any other animal? Why should it be seen wrong to take certain animals lives, or even human lives, yet perfectly acceptable to take the life of other animals?


Another strong passion of mine is cooking. I love to be in the kitchen and can happily and confidently cook [or at least attempt to cook] anything I set my heart on – as long as it’s strictly vegetarian!

One of my passions within cooking, is cultural accuracy. For me, food is a fantastic way to explore and experience the many cultures of the world. And when it comes to cookery, I like to be accurate. I like to, as far as possible, cook dishes that are not vaguely of a particular cultural style, but that are accurate, using the techniques used in their place of origin. [Would Italians really eat the kind of pizza we typically eat? No chance].

This will probably sound very strange – not really sure why I’m including it, but I have my own knife and I love my knife! hehe Most people seem to really struggle with using a knife, and try to use one of those tiny nasty little vegetable knifes. I use my nice big chef’s knife for everything – even dicing carrot, onion and celery, smaller than pea-sized!

If I could give one piece of advice: A sharp knife is a safe knife. A knife should do all the work for you, so keep it sharp!

Education and Employment


1997 – 2002; Broadland High School, Hoveton, Norfolk

2002 – 2005; Paston Sixth Form and Community College, North Walsham, Norfolk

2007 – 2010; University of East Anglia (School of Computing Sciences), Norwich, Norfolk


Most of my previous employment has been in the ICT/Computing area, and this is where I suspect it shall stay.

I have worked for Paston Sixth Form College as a Teaching Assistant for a profoundly deaf student. At the same time I worked in the college’s Registry, developing their Management Information System.

Whilst at Paston, I also aided the Network Support department with maintenance, expansion and policing. Furthermore, I was allowed to occasionally [when teachers were taken unwell etc] allowed to take classes of Maths GCSE or BTEC First Computing.

Following this, I worked as Technical Manager for a new and exciting online-marketing and web-site design company, Fruitful Media Ltd. Here responsibilities varied from web-development and database management, to server management, network design and implementation, project management and telecommunications management.